Saturday, January 23, 2021

Wishes and Dreams

I throw with care my wishes and dreams into the wind, To carry I ask to be carried to thee. My wishes and dreams pure and true, as I ask so shall it be. Not for myself, but for others I quest, My heart pure and true you must see, just as my father’s heart was true like his father, my dreams to become real, and my wishes fulfilled, this I ask so mote it be. My wishes and dreams I whisper into the wind to carry them. To the breeze to make sure they reach the one who can make them Come to be, I ask for others and for me to be heard. This I ask as I send my wish to be, so mote it be.

Sunday, January 17, 2021


Giving? Have you ever thought about that word? When was the last time you gave to someone? Including yourself, or someone you didn’t even know. Today in our busy lives we sometimes forget to give to others including ourselves. With this virus going on it’s hard to share but even a plate of home baked cookies to someone like a neighbor or an elderly couple is greatly appreciated. Thinking of others is hard with our busy lives, but we need to step back once in a while and think of the little old lady or man down the block that lives alone and has no family. When was the last time you just said hello to them, or asked if they needed anything? This is giving and sharing. I’m just as guilty for I never think of someone down the block or my neighbors. This I’m trying to change and think of others. I’m even thinking of myself and giving to others helps me feel good and makes me think I’m giving to myself as well. So next time you walk into the grocery store or any other store, even wearing your mask, smile under it and say hello. This makes you feel good and will make that person feel good that someone spoke to them even feel good. Too many people are grumpy and feel mad at the world. Someone speaking a soft word to them can change there their whole day. So the next time you are out and about think about it. Giving and Sharing. My God Bless. Stay safe and healthy.