Friday, May 27, 2016

Machines and Electronics!

          How many of you out there in cyber land are over the age of 50? If you're like me we all like the age of the new machines and all of the things they can do. Refrigerators that you can see inside from you cell phone while in a grocery store to see if you need eggs, milk, cheese, how about lettuce. They even have one now that will make your coffee for you so it ready when you get up in the morning.
          Now all of these new fangled machines come with a manual or instruction to look up the instruction on the internet. Reading the instruction (in Chinese. French, or Spanish) is impossible and the English version might as well in a foreign language cause you can't understand what they are telling you. You hook up B to D and then plug in A to C, now on the product there isn't an A,B,C,or D. and the pictures look like Greek!
          If you can find a four year old, bring him home with you and after you have spent twenty hours to get this thing hooked up, the four year old walks in looks at the situation and five minutes later he has the situation solved and the products running.
          Give that kid five bucks and a pat on the back. Its not that we're dumb it's just the modern tech world left us behind for one reason or another. The manuals are printed in super small fonts to make it impossible to read without a magnifier glass to read and we only have two hands. So with the magnifier in one hand, the book in the other, so how do you put the B to D etc.?
          Don't forget these machines and electronics have a mind of there own so you have treat them with respect. If you don't they will turn on you and it won't be pretty!
                        To all a Good Night and God Bless!

Sunday, May 22, 2016


          Have you ever wanted to run away? Boy with the type of week I've had or I should say the past two weeks it wouldn't take much to convince me to pack a bag and my dog Skipper, and run away, far away!
          Sometimes I guess we all wish for a private hide away to re-group our thoughts and re-build our nerves of steel. We're like the beach, the waves come in sometimes strong and sometimes very quiet. But with each strike of the waves a little bit of the sand washes out or away.
          In life, it's our daily ups & downs that breaks us down until we finally hit that breaking point and want to scream. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, have young children or grown children.      
          Married or not, have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, they always seem to get on your last nerve! That's when you feel like throwing your hands in the air, run fast out the door and never look back until you have recharged and ready to face all those point 10 on the hurricane scale.
          Everything in your life is a major disaster for everyone I your life, but you are always calm, cool and collected. Ready to handle any emergency no matter how small. We smile, chuckle a little, wipe a tear from our eyes so nobody sees and move on.
         Yes, if only I had a hide-away from the world I'm not certain I'd return at times.
          Well, That's all for today, "May God Bless"