Sunday, November 22, 2015

Where and how do you find extra time!

During our monthly meeting at the Mystery Writers of America we had an excellent publicist as our speaker from Nashville, Tennessee. We spoke on how writers can get more attention from the media and the does and don’ts on publishing our books and marketing them.

             One of the things she spoke about was as writers we need to spend at least fifteen minutes in the morning and fifteen minutes in the evening on doing our twitter, face book, and our blogs.  What kept going through my mind was “Where am I suppose to find the time to spare thirty minutes a day?

            Think about it, fifteen minutes isn’t anything at all. I mean after all walking to the coffee pot, pouring a cup of coffee, adding cream and sugar, than walking back to your desk you have spent fifteen minutes, right? Time yourself and see how long it takes you.

           Next is okay, now I can justify the fifteen minutes, now what do you write about? Do you write about what you’ve done the first couple of hours you have been awake? Or how you hope the day will go, pending everything you have predicted has gone like you have planned it. Most of the time, it never does, then in the evening you can complain about everything that went wrong.

           Now here we are at the cross roads. We’ve set out a plan, or do we scrape that plan and come up with a new plan. If we come up with a new one, do we do it as a series, or do we just write mean less ramblings that no one is going to read or care of.

            As writers we all know how to sit down at our desk and start a novel, work our fingers to the bone non-stop, chapter and chapter, but when it comes to writing a blog that old saying about a writers’ block is like a brick wall that we all run into going ninety miles an hour, correction, most of us run into.

            A lot of us writers have a full time job and several other commitments so our time is limited. If you’re a woman, we have housework, laundry, cooking, shopping, children, a husband to tend to and a full forty hour a week job. Plus we write on the side to turn out novels for the public to buy.

            Between working, writing, home care, how do we find the time to do marketing, blogging, emails, etc., pushing our novels and still keep our minds intact?

           Thinking back as a very young woman, my days were just as busy without writing, now that I’m older it appears I feel the time in a day is shorter, I tire more easily, and I find more things to make excuses so I can get out of doing the things I should, how about you?