Saturday, June 16, 2018

Part 2, Becoming a Private Detective

Okay you’re all set to go into business for yourself. You’ve passed all the test and you now have your C license. Now what do you do?

            If you haven’t had the opportunity to do a ride along with the local police, check with them and see if they have a program for citizens to do a ride-a-long. Do a couple of ride-a-long’s at different times of the day and be sure to do a late night one also. If you haven’t been a police officer or in law enforcement you owe it to yourself. This will give you an idea what’s really going on in the city you live in.

            Doing a ride-a-long will also give you a good idea of what questions to ask when out in the field. What to do with the answers you get. To start off small find out if they have any cold cases you can read about. They will be glad to share the files with you.

            On cold cases, these are cases the police for one reason or another they were unable to find the guilty party. This will give you valuable information as to who was the victim, who was involved in the case and who were the witnesses that were questioned.

            Now that you have your notepad writing all of this down you have a place to start. At the beginning. Finding the witnesses can be very tricky. They have moved, died, or just don’t remember, if the case is really old. You should always start with the detectives on the case at the time of the incident. They can be extremely helpful and can give you very good tips to follow.

            This is a good start to begin with. Once you are comfortable with the language and the questions police ask you have a great start with your new career. Next we’ll go into how to do surveillance in the next blog.

May God Bless!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Being a Private Detective

Becoming a Private Detective

People that watch television see Private Detective shows and think what a great profession. Most of Private Detectives are retired Policemen, or Police person if you prefer. They have the skills to know what to look for and how to handle a crime scene if they can get close to one.

            Private Detectives have a lonely life in most cases. If you have a chance to get in good with a police precinct and they trust you, you have a chance to work side by side with them. The pay isn’t that great either unless you have a rich client and you might be on his protective detail.

            Well lets look at what it takes to be a PI. First you have to be licensed in the State which you are going to practice in. That’s the hard part to begin with. You have to undergo a full background check, fingerprints and all. If you are or were in law enforcement, you can get your license. If not then you have to work under a CC license and that means you have to work for a firm that is license in the State and has been working as a PI for some time.

            Next, if you pass the background check, you have to setup an office. It can be in your home or in a building. Advertising is always good to start with, but what do you say. You’re a Private Investigator and will help anyone in need. No job to little or too big. Now you’re on your way. So you think.

            Most of the cases that come in are what I like to call nasty ones. Husband or wife believe their spouse is cheating on them. These are following the person all over town day or night. While they drop the kids at school, going to the cleaners, eating lunch with the girls or if a man, going to a bar with the boys.

            You have to keep yourself out of sight and not let them see you following you everywhere or they will call the police and say you are a stalker.  You will record everything by the hour or half hour. Usually it takes three to four days before you can finally report there isn’t anything going on that you can find. The client will give you the times they suspect the cheating is going on and you will work out your schedule according to that information. Taking pictures of everywhere you have seen your client is also important.

            Now, meeting with the client so you can give them the good news. You will have your notes typed up and pictures to show every part of their spouses activity was perfectly normal. Asking for your check then becomes your next mission.

            Not that they don’t want to pay you, but you proved they were wrong in suspecting their spouse was having an affair and they don’t want to believe you. If they don’t believe you they will try and tell you “You are Wrong” I know they’re seeing someone. You didn’t earn your money.

            What about protective cases? They aren’t that easy if you are the only one doing the protection. We’re talking twenty four hours a day. Making sure everyone that comes in contact with your client is clean and not out to harm them can be a real turn off for their friends. Everyone has to be cleared with no exceptions and this means your client may tell you they are all right. Don’t believe them, the people closes to your client are number one on the suspect list.

            We’ll get into more next blog about being a Private Detective. It isn’t as glamorous as the television shows you watch.

May God Bless!