Sunday, May 24, 2015


 Please meet my Great Grand Daughter Elizabeth Bass, her mother Brittany. They live in North Carolina. Elizabeth was born on March 31, 2015 at 31 weeks by C-Section to save her life and her mothers. She only weighed a little over two pounds. She has had three major surgeries so far and will have to have several more. There was a meeting with one of her doctors this past Friday and he explained there would be three necessary surgeries to her heart they would have to do. Two which would require her to be put on a bypass machine while they stop her heart to do the repairs and fix the arteries and vessels going to and from the heart. Will she survive these operations? The doctor side if she survives the first operation then they will do the second and so on. There are no guarantees. She is so tiny and fragile they can’t do anything right now until she gains more weight and becomes stronger.

There was a comment made that my Go Fund Me page was a scam. The person who wrote that post on Face Book needs to check his facts before putting ink to paper so to speak. Elizabeth is in Duke University Hospital Infant Intensive Care Unit ever since she was born. He could have called there and verified this, he could have called me, her mother, or her grandmother. If he didn’t want to call one of us, he could have checked with the hospital for the facts before calling me a scammer! People need to check their facts before calling someone a liar or a scammer. I pray this gentleman never has to face the reality of having a baby with multiple health problems and nobody to turn to.
My Granddaughter is a very serious diabetic and she was just admitted to the same hospital a couple of weeks ago from pure exhaustion and not being able to take care of herself properly. She also has a two year old at home who is staying with my granddaughters mother. She tries to see her once or twice a month. Travel to Duke is a two to two and a half hour drive from where they live. Getting someone to pick her up and drive her back is very expensive. Food, travel, and her medicine. Luck for her the lodging is at the Ronald McDonald house. But they also request donations to keep the place open for parents like Brittany that have to be at the hospital daily.

If I was a rich person, or had won the lottery, yes she won’t have a thing to worry about, nor would her mother who was laid off from her job two months ago. She was helping her daughter with her bills until she was laid off, now she can’t pay her own bills. I don’t make enough to support three families or I would have never started the Go Fund Me account. I feel this account was much more serious to raise money for medical than a few that I’ve seen.

For Example: Please help me raise money to get my mother out of jail. She was arrested for selling drugs. Another one: Please give to football player who is still drawing his salary but was suspended for doing drugs. This is just a couple, another, please send money so I can get a down payment on a house. Please maybe I’m wrong, and my post isn’t serious enough to try and raise money for. If I’m wrong please let me know. My email address is I’d love to hear from you and the reason I shouldn’t try to raise money for my Great Granddaughter and Grand daughter.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I Apoloigize!

Today is Saturday 16th of May. I apologize for not writing on my blog, but with everything that has been going on, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.

On March the 3rd I was admitted into the hospital for emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. This rather threw me for a loop and by the time I was strong enough to go back to work I was so far behind I could have worked 24 hours a day seven days a week and still wouldn't have been able to catch up. I'm still in the process of trying.

I had a Great Granddaughter born at 32 weeks on March 31, 2015 by C-Section to save the Baby and her mommy. She only weighed a little over 2 pounds and has currently had four surgeries. She will have to have several more and they are saying before she's a year old will probably have to have a heart transplant.

Her name is Elizabeth and she's cute as a china doll. She is now taking formula and starting to gain some weigh which is a good thing so they can do the next procedure. Her mommy has been at the hospital with her in the ICU since she was born. She lives two and half hours away and the physicians want her to stay close so she can sign consent forms to operate in a minutes notice. This has been very hard on her and she was admitted to the hospital this pass Monday. Good news through she was discharged this afternoon and will be able to sit with her daughter again.

My new novel will be out hopefully by the end of this month. title "Murder with no Passion" so be on the look out for it on Good Reads, Amazon, Createspace, Smashwords.

Last by not least, we ask everyone see this post to please go to:
We really need your help for Baby Elizabeth Medical & her Mommy. We know times are tough but even $1.00 will go a long ways for food, gas, and support for the Mommy.