Monday, July 28, 2014

Children Serial Killers!

Sorry to have not written for awhile, but have been out with a major neck spasm and wasn't able to do much typing or anything else.
Well I'm back and the next on the hit parade is a boy!

Willie Bosket had committed over two thousand crimes in New York by the time he was only fifteen!
Can you imagine over two thousand crimes!
His crime included stabbing several people. He was the son of a convicted murderer. He never knew his father but revered him for his "manly" crime. Just before he was sixteen his crimes became more and more serious.

He killed a boy after a fight and then embarked upon a series of subway crimes which ended up in the deaths of two men. He shot them and later said it was just to see what it was like. It didn't affect in him the lease as they lay there dying. He need the juvenile laws well enough to realize that he could continue to do what he was doing and yet still get released when he was twenty one. He had no reason to stop. Yet it was his spree and his arrogance that brought about a dramatic change in the juvenile justice system, starting in New York. The "Willie Bosket Law" which allow dangerous juveniles as young a thirteen to be tried as an adult in the courts. It was passed and signed in only six days.

Willie went on to commit more crimes, although none as serious as murder and ended up with prison terms that ensured that he would spend the rest of his life there.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Little girls are Sugar and Spice!

Mary Flora Bell wanted to HURT someone. She was an angry child and the product of an unsettled home life. In her home life she suffered chronic abuse and it became normal. She had a friend Nora Bell and they often did things together.

When Mary was eleven she and Nora lured a young boy to the top of an air raid shelter. When he fell and was injured it was thought to be an accident. Two weeks later the corpse of a young boy was found, he was only four years old. and this was assumed to be another accident.

The police discovered notes that indicated that someone was taking responsibility, two people in fact who called themselves "Fanny and Faggot".

Then Mary showed up at Martin's home so she could see him in his coffin. Two months passed and another local toddler this time a three year old turned up missing. When Mary suggested that he might be playing on a certain pile of concrete, searchers looked where she had suggested and found his body. He had been strangled and his legs and stomach had been cut with a razor and scissors. The medical examiner believed it to be the handwork of a child.

Mary and Norma were brought in. Mary made up a story but Norma described watching Mary kill the boy. They went to trial in 1968 in England where Mary was convicted of two counts of manslaughter.

People called her "Evil" and a "bad seed" in part because she seemed so indifferent to the proceedings against her. A court psychiatrist said that she was manipulative and dangerous.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Child Serial Killers!

You think Serial Killers are only Men or Women? Think again. We're going to look into the children who are labeled "Serial Killers". I think you'll be surprised.

The first serial killer in this series is Jesse Pomeroy.

Jesse Pomeroy was fourteen when he was arrested in 1874. He had sadistically murdered a four year old boy. He was quickly dubbed the Boston Boy fiend. His rampage had begun three years earlier when he was only eleven, He sexual tortured seven other boys. For those crimes Pomeroy was sentenced to reform school but was released early.

Not long after his release he mutilated and killed a ten year old girl who came into his mothers’ store. A month later he snatched a four year old boy. He took him to the swamp just outside of town and slashed him so savagely with a knife that he nearly decapitated the boy.

Because of his strange appearance, he had one milky white eye and his previous behavior, suspicion turned to him. When he was shown the body and asked if he’s done it his response was with a nonchalant “I suppose I did.”

Then a girl was found buried in his mother’s cellar and he confessed to that murder also. He was convicted and sentenced to death. Although a public outcry against condemning a child to hang commuted the sentence to four decades of solitary confinement.