Sunday, October 9, 2016


Well, south Florida was spared the destruction that Mathew bought with it to so many. The Islands and Northern Florida was beat to a pulp and it will be several days if not weeks before things are back to normal, Even the Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina suffered the Wrath of Matthew.
       In the past several years South Florida has managed to keep out of the path of the mighty Hurricanes that rip the roofs, sidings off buildings and flood rivers, raise tides and swallow up homes in the path of their destructions.
       Our hearts go out to those that have been injured, lost their homes, and possibly has lost love ones and suffered injury. Our Prayers are with you and hope and pray for a speedy recovery back to a normal way of life.
May God Bless and keep you safe in the days to come.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Time in a Bottle!

           If they make a bottle of  'Turn Back Time' I'd be the first in line to buy a case! It's that I mine turning older, it isn't that all. The older I get the wiser I become, so if I could become younger in body and spirit, but keep getting older what a wonderful feeling that would be.
           Don't get me wrong, I work nine hours a day in an office and then work on my books in the evening for two to fours hours before bed. Weekends are full of gardening and writing. Now believe me I'm not complaining, I'm a very happy person.
           After seven years I went on vacation, for a week, it was relaxing in one way, and in another it made worried about the office, my clients, and couldn't wait to get home! Came home with a neck spasm that lasted two weeks.
           I guess that was my downward spin! When I got back to work I felt like a bomb went off on my desk. It took over two and a half weeks to just see a speck of wood on the top. Then my hip started to hurt, felt like the bone was going to exploded. Trip to the Orthopaedic and he put me in physical therapy, gave me an injection in the joint, and a couple of weeks later it felt a lot better. Now the story doesn't end there, when the hip became better I started having lighten bolts shot through my left eye. Wasn't any pain, just very annoying to see jagged flashes in my eye.
            Now it was a trip to the Ophthalmologist, it appeared I might have a retinal tear beginning. By the time I went to the appointment, the lighten had stopped but black spots appeared. So when I was typing it looked like I was adding periods to my words where periods weren't suppose to be!
            My children. now grown with families of their own call me for advise and to comfort there fears. They always think I'm calm, cool and collected, if they only really knew at the raging storm that brews down deep within. Yes the outside is always in control as the inside is always turning like a Tornado waiting to take out the block, so to speak.           
            Is this part of getting old? Like I said, if they made Turn back Time in a bottle, I'd be the first in line.  So if anyone sees a sale on it, please send me an email so I can get in line.
            Well that's it for tonight, every one have a good night and May God Bless.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Four Generations!

Boy it's funny how time seems to slip away isn't it?
My daughter, granddaughter, and my two great granddaughters came to visit! With me that is four generations all together. How may out there can say they have four generations at one gathering at a time?
       As I look at them it makes me wonder will I still be around when my great granddaughter has her first child. Now don't get me wrong, I have eight great grandchildren and another one on the way. The oldest is now ten so the possibility of me being around for that fifth generation is probably pretty good.
       When I look back and into the faces of my daughters I still see small children and remember the things they use to do, some made me laugh, some made me cry and others just plain made me angry. But the thoughts run through my mind as to how did I manage to raise two beautiful daughters that gave me joy and wonder each day of their young life.
        I remember certain things about my childhood which made me the mother of today and things I was taught which I tried with some difficulty to my two daughters. I have to wonder if they taught their children the same things as I taught them or did they have different ideas for the time they raised their children things were much different then when I bought them up. But I have to hope they instilled in them the values I taught them and hope they will teach their children some of the same things.
        I hear other mothers talk about how hard it is to raise children this day in time. With all the modern technology we have today you would think it was easier. Back in the sixties and seventies we didn't have the thinks they have to day and times could be very hard.
        I was a working mother from the time they were born to the time they married and still have a full time job working and I write almost daily. Mothers today are usually stay at home mothers and or they have nanny's who keep the children at home until they go to school and then they have care givers for when the children get home.
        There isn't anything wrong with that and sometimes it works out better for the children instead of having to get them out of bed and taken to a day care, and then a baby sitter until you get home. There never seem to be enough time in the day, and still isn't to do all the things I'm sure they wish they could do with their children and even to this day as I reflect back, there are so many things I wish I had or had the chance to do better.
         But like they always say, Hind sight is 20 20!
         Have a bless day, and weekend. May God Bless, Good night.