Sunday, March 27, 2016


                 On this the Holist Day the year we reflect to when we were a child. With chocolate bunnies, different color eggs hidden so carefully I the grass and bushes. Our anticipation of finding the most eggs and filling our baskets made our hearts race.
                After all the running and eating of the candy we're marched into the house to sit at the children's' table where on the adult table a feat for a king was laid out.
                Ham, Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, candied yams with the marshmallows on top, and a few more vegetables all in a row. Then comes the desserts, apple pie, cherry pie, chocolate cake, coconut cake, and don't forget the ice cream.
                Yes the day is perfect if you're a kid. The adult's on the other hand had labored to put on the feast, and to prepare the egg hunt, a very tiring job but as a mother or a father with young children it's a labor of love. To see the joy on the face of our child and the smiles on our families faces when the all gathered in the dining room once the see the feast you have prepared.
              So on this day, thank you, to all the parents out there, and to the Easter Bunny, and to Jesus.
                                          Happy Easter to Everyone.        

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Weekend!

                This past weekend I have the pleasure of attending a Festival in Fort Myers, Florida. There I had a table and did a book signing with all of my books.
                It was exciting to see so many people turn out to the Festival and I was able to meet many people who were not only from Fort Myers but from other States as well.
                I'd like to Thank Everyone who came by my table and just said hello or to buy one of my books. I hope they enjoy the books they bought and will continue to follow me as a fan. It's so very nice to see people actually reading these days. I love to read myself and find books to be relaxing and very enjoyable to take to my favorite chair, or the beach to help me relax and forget the rest of the world while I find escape inside those papers.
                I hope everyone out there feels the same way as I do. Reading is fun, entertaining, relaxing, and most of all, sometimes very educational.
                Well that's it for this blog. May God Bless till later.