Saturday, June 27, 2015

Baby Elizabeth!

Well I must say it's been a long three months, but Baby Elizabeth has really surprised everyone around. She is now up to four pounds and three ounces. Growing every day.

The Gastro Physician has put her on the schedule for surgery on Thursday to hook up her intestines and get rid of the colostomy bag. This will be her fifth surgery. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

She is determine to make it despite all the odds that have been against her. Although she has several surgeries to go, it's take one step forward and don't look back!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Today, Tomorrow, & Yesterday!

It's funny how time seems to fly. It seems like yesterday my eighth Great Grand Baby was born. Each day this little one struggles to breath and to put a smile on her face. Today is a good day, but they had to put her back on oxygen. She was able to go without it for three days and three nights.

Will she ever be able to do with out it? Probably she will never be able to go without for more that three or four days. Will she live a normal life? Play in the yard with other children without over doing it? Probably not.

Will there ever be a change this little person will be able to attend a public school? The answer to that is a no also.

Will she be loved? Positively Yes with her mommy & daddy, grandmother, and great grandmother's whole heart she will be loved to eternity and back.

Baby Elizabeth has strong determination and a possible will to fight. This will get her a long ways and help her with her battles yet to come tomorrow.

Hopefully all the things she is going through now will be a fleeting memory of Yesterday and she'll live to the fullest today, and look forward to tomorrow.

Please keep the Prayers coming. This is a positive, and gives us support and strength to face the unknown of tomorrow.