Sunday, February 18, 2018


As I sit here having my coffee, looking out into my back yard. I see the birds taking their bath in the birdbath and a squirrel scampering around in my trees looking for the berries. It all seems so peaceful.

            Then you turn on the news and all the anger around the world, that peaceful feeling disappears as it over crowds my mind. With road rage, teenage killers, murder and hatefulness from those that can’t find peace within themselves.

            My question to those that have blacken hearts, is why can’t they learn to forgive and seek peace within? Is that so much to ask? Is there anyway to give them the opportunity to find the peace within to make them a better and peaceful person?

            I don’t have the answer and I wish I did. I wish with all my heart there was a pill to change these people’s thoughts and take the darkness away from their hearts and minds. We all make choices everyday. Some good, some bad. The bad ones we learn from and learn to make things better.

            We all have a chance to make one person smile and brighten some ones day. All it takes is a smile and to say maybe hello. This little gesture can chance a persons outlook for the entire day.

            So do a couple of things when you go out today.

  1. Smile at the person you meet on the street.
  2. Always say please and thank you to those that serve you.
If you to these two things, you will be surprised at the response from others and the smile you will put on their face. It will also make you smile inside for the feeling is contiguous.
                                                May God Bless.

Sunday, December 24, 2017


It's Christmas Eve and everyone is thinking about all the things they have done in the past few days like did I get everything on my list? Did I forget someone? Do I really want to go back to the mall for that one last gift?
             We all think of our love ones and although we can't always be present with them on this special holiday our thoughts are always with them and in our hearts the love we feel. I know I can't be we my children and grandchildren on this special day, but it doesn't mean they aren't in my thoughts and prayers.
               In these troubling times, family is so important to remember our love not only for our families but for the world. This is supposed to be a time of Peace and love for our fellow man. As the song says "Peace on Earth and good will towards man.
               Sometimes I think that people forget about what this day represents, the Birth of Jesus.  Everyone is so busy with the commercial aspect of Christmas they forget it isn't how many gifts you receive or give. But the joy of Jesus being born to this earth to give us all peace and fill our hearts with love.
                 Here's wishing all my readers, and friends a very special,
                         Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
                                   & may God best.