Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tragic Turn of Events!

Today is a sad day for a very special family. The Glovers in North Carolina lost a member of their family to Cancer. She had fought a brave battle but after taking a terrible fall and breaking her hip, her battle came unwinnable.
Mary Frances died Monday and she will be missed by all of her children and sisters not to mention her nieces and nephews. 
We wish her family the best and offer our prayers to them to help heal their pain and fill their hearts with happy memories they have from childhood to adulthood. She was always there for them through thick and thin, through happy times and sad times. Let them know she has gone to heaven to join her other family members who are waiting for her.
May God Bless.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


What a great day to sit and read a book! The rain is coming down and all the drops hitting the roof and the windows sounds like the soft gentle waves of the ocean rolling in. As it runs of the roof it sounds like a soft waterfall which reminds me of Costa Rica and some of the waterfalls I saw while living there.

I usually don't like the rain, but today it is a welcome thing. The flowers all stretching their leaves and branches upward to sip of every drop of water they can. They love the sun and the rain as we should also. Everything seems so renewed after a good rain, clean, bright, renewed!

So if you are anywhere were it is raining today, think of sitting back, put your feet up and enjoy the sounds or the rain and read a good book.

May God Bless.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Help requested!

Thank you everyone for asking how you can help me pay it forward!
I have pledge to give  part of my book sales and ebook sales to help a young mother who will become homeless in the next 30 days.

I remember a time in my life I was also homeless and needed help and someone came to my rescue. I will always be thankful for that person who gave to me with no strings attached. Since than I have always tried to help others when I could. I'm not a rich person and work very hard for what I have today. I will always remember though the person who helped me to get to where I'm at now.

It isn't hard to pay it forward to others when we set our minds to it and open our hearts to those who are really truly in need. This young girl has a one year old child, she is basically disabled because of her diabetes and is unable to work. She also doesn't have a automobile. If she was able to work she would have to walk at least 15 miles to the nearest town and pay for childcare. At base wages of $7.00 per hour, the child care alone would take her whole paycheck.

With a little help to get her into a place and to give her a second chance I know she will do well. She just needs a helping hand to get on her feet and to give her confidence. There are a lot of good people out there and I'm not asking for donations, I'm asking everyone to buy one of my E-Books or paperback books so I can help her by "Paying it Forward". The only thing I'll ask of her is for her to Pay IT Forward when she is able to help someone else.

Thanks again for your support and to Please help me fulfill my Wish to help her.  Remember I only have 30 days from today to accomplish this.