Sunday, December 24, 2017


It's Christmas Eve and everyone is thinking about all the things they have done in the past few days like did I get everything on my list? Did I forget someone? Do I really want to go back to the mall for that one last gift?
             We all think of our love ones and although we can't always be present with them on this special holiday our thoughts are always with them and in our hearts the love we feel. I know I can't be we my children and grandchildren on this special day, but it doesn't mean they aren't in my thoughts and prayers.
               In these troubling times, family is so important to remember our love not only for our families but for the world. This is supposed to be a time of Peace and love for our fellow man. As the song says "Peace on Earth and good will towards man.
               Sometimes I think that people forget about what this day represents, the Birth of Jesus.  Everyone is so busy with the commercial aspect of Christmas they forget it isn't how many gifts you receive or give. But the joy of Jesus being born to this earth to give us all peace and fill our hearts with love.
                 Here's wishing all my readers, and friends a very special,
                         Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
                                   & may God best.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Exciting Things!

This past Saturday I attended our monthly Mystery Club of America meeting. The speaker was real mover and shaker! It always excites me to hear how others market their books and it always gives me new ideas.
     People say to me they don't understand how I do so much! I have a full time job in the daytime and I write my novels at night. I still keep a schedule of getting up at a certain time and going to bed most generally at a certain time also, I also take short cat naps on the weekend.
     I find comfort in my writing and sometimes even feel sorry for the characters I'm writing about because of the situations they get their selves into. Yes I'm the one that put them into those situations but I just tell their story. I put down on paper what they dictate.
    I try to write at least two novels a year. I now have ten books out and the eleventh one will be out in December.
     So, when I heard the fury and excitement in our speakers voice Saturday it gave me fire to do more on the marketing end of things. I have so little time to do marketing and count on others to help with that aspect of things, and that doesn't seem to be working.
     Like the old saying goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself. This is what I have to remember and have to start doing for myself. Like so many of us that are writers, we all cry the same thing, how can I get my books to sell more? Yes it' all hard work, but because we have the story line and write these books, we have to also start promote our works to the public and get a following of fans who like our novels and repeat buying them. It also helps if we have fans who tell others of our works so we can get new fans.
     New fans are like gold to writers. They are so valuable that no writer writes just to be writing, they have a story to tell and those readers are a very important part of why we write.
     Well, enough of my jabber, Halloween is just around the corner so all of you out there beware of the ghost and goblins.
     Enjoy the holiday and My God Bless!