Sunday, September 22, 2019



Have you really paid attention to how fast weekends go by? It takes forever for the week to go by and then when the weekend comes, gee it flies by in the blink of an eye.

            If you go out on Saturday night, on Sunday you sleep late and without warning the sun shines through that window and it’s Monday all over again. The weekend has flown by without warning. Here you are wondering where did it go?

            Week starts all over again with the same ho hum drum routine. Day in and day out. Work, work, work, yea the weekend is finally here, opps, there it goes, and you’re right back to that awful Monday again. Same routine, day after day, week after week, month after month.

            Now if you are one of those lucky ones that can take a vacation? Well, congratulations, the problem with vacations is the same as weekends. It comes to slow and goes to fast. You plan for a complete year to where you are going to go, what you are going to do and then when it comes, nothing you really planned on doing gets’ done!

            If you work for yourself, that’s a different story. Forget vacations, forget about the weekends, for everything you have left to do around your house, yard or vehicles has to be taken care of on what else? On the weekend. So the weekend plans are out the window unless you have a yard person, a maid, and throw in a butler or two. Then you can do whatever you want.

            Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog, for me the weekend is gone and it’s back to work.



Sunday, September 15, 2019


Life Challenges

Have you ever stopped to think about your life challenges? Talking about good and bad. Life throws us curves everyday and whether we are ready to take them on sometimes; we have to. Like today I worry about my family. Right now, I’m facing the fact which is life or death of my granddaughter. The doctors have told her she needs to find a donor for a new kidney, hers’ are shutting down. She also needs a new Panaceas, which you can’t find a donor for that, it has to come from a person who dies and the organ can be harvested shortly after death.

My challenge is how to get around without walking on my left foot. I broke it two weeks ago. I have this huge boot on it and not suppose to put weight on my foot at all. It’s really hard to use crutches and carry anything. So to make things a little simpler I have a pouch around my neck which is small that I can carry my phone in.

I also work, which I’m suppose to keep my foot elevated. Try that sitting at a desk! Then there is the problem with dealing with your clients. They want everything done yesterday, and you are in so much pain you can’t even think straight. Forget about taking drugs, they only make you sleepy and make your thought into foggy territory. So forget the drugs and muttal through the pain.

What are your life challenges? On a daily basis, or monthly, how about the year? Have you thought about it? Is it taking on a new job? Making a life changing decision? Or maybe just deciding what to have for dinner. Everyday we face our fears, our hopes and our dreams. Whether it’s small or large, we pray everyday for a better life and the knowledge to make it better. It’s up to us to make our life’s better and to face our daily challenges head on.

I’m a writer and my challenges are to help my granddaughter find that new kidney to keep her alive for her two small children. To help her, to be able to see another Christmas with them. To continue writing my mystery novels and to keep my business running to help me pay my bills and have the type of life I want for my husband and I.

It’s almost like having a bucket list. What’s on your bucket list? Have you checked off anything on yours?

                                                                                MAY GOD BLESS.