Friday, August 22, 2014


I hope everyone enjoyed the blogs on Serial Killers, Women, Men and Children.
It has to make you think to yourself about who is living next door or driving beside you down the highway. I know I've found myself looking at people a little differently. Not that I believe someone would have the nerve to drive in the open public looking for a  victim, but how to the get there victims.
But if you look at some of the killers we've looked at, it makes you wonder do you open the door, help a stranded motorist on the highway, take a walk in the park without thinking twice? How about all of you out there who are to busy texting on your phone and completely unaware of who is walking beside you, in front of you, or driving along side of you on the highway.

Have you caught yourself now looking at the people around you in the store, at the park, or even in church. They don't try to disguise themselves they look just like you and I but their mind is turning on the details of how, where and when you will be there next victim.

Not everyone is a serial killer. Not all children turn into serial killers, but you have to wonder if you have brought up your child to the tender age of being a teen and something seems complete wrong, then did you do something to change your child, or was there a wire crossed in their brain and it is now starting to manifest into a person you don't recognize anymore.

Sleep tight, and may God Bless.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Children who KILL!

This week I'm going to tell you about two girls. Cindy Collier who was 15 years old and Shirley Wolf who was only 14 years old. At this early age they stated prowling condominiums n California in 1983. They would knock on doors at random to gain entrance. When an elderly woman let them in and sat chatting with them as they thought up a plan to steal her car. Shirley grabbed her by the neck while Cindy found a butch knife and tossed it to her.

Shirley stabbed her 28 times, even as the woman begged for her life. They fled the scene but was soon arrested. Both confessed that the murder was "A real kick" and that they wanted to do another one. They thought it was fun.

If they hadn't been caught so quickly they would have surely gone on a killing spree.

Edmund Kemper was a 15 year old who shot his grandparents killing them both. He'd been imagining this act for some time and had no regrets in what he did. The California Youth Authority detained him in Juvenile Hall so that they could put him through a battery of test administered by a psychiatrist. Since the results indicated that he was paranoid and psychotic he was sent to Atascadero State Hospital for treatment. There he learned what people thought about his crime and worked hard to convince his doctors that he had recovered. Although he was labeled a sociopath he actually worked in the psychology lab to help administer the test to others. In the process he learned a lot about other deviant offenders.

He was released five years later although he remained under the supervision of the Youth Authority. His doctors recommended that he not be returned to his m mother's care, but the youth Authority ignored this. After Kemper murdered and dismembered eight women over the next five ears, these same doctors affirmed his insanity defense. In fact they even as he was carrying parts of his victims around a panel of psychiatrists judged him to be no threat to society.

How would you like to be living next to any of these upstanding citizens?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Children Serial Killers!

Sorry to have not written for awhile, but have been out with a major neck spasm and wasn't able to do much typing or anything else.
Well I'm back and the next on the hit parade is a boy!

Willie Bosket had committed over two thousand crimes in New York by the time he was only fifteen!
Can you imagine over two thousand crimes!
His crime included stabbing several people. He was the son of a convicted murderer. He never knew his father but revered him for his "manly" crime. Just before he was sixteen his crimes became more and more serious.

He killed a boy after a fight and then embarked upon a series of subway crimes which ended up in the deaths of two men. He shot them and later said it was just to see what it was like. It didn't affect in him the lease as they lay there dying. He need the juvenile laws well enough to realize that he could continue to do what he was doing and yet still get released when he was twenty one. He had no reason to stop. Yet it was his spree and his arrogance that brought about a dramatic change in the juvenile justice system, starting in New York. The "Willie Bosket Law" which allow dangerous juveniles as young a thirteen to be tried as an adult in the courts. It was passed and signed in only six days.

Willie went on to commit more crimes, although none as serious as murder and ended up with prison terms that ensured that he would spend the rest of his life there.