Sunday, October 8, 2017


     It's been awhile since I've posted a blog, and I really apologize. I've been very busy trying to edit my new book "Sugar and Spite". I was hoping to get it out by October 1st, but October 1st has come and gone. A series of Neck muscle spasms and shoulder pain left me incapacitated to do anything!  
     So after a bout with medicine and then catching a virus I've been unable to do anything! Today I finally feel better and still a little weak, but able to get back into the swing of things. I don't like to complain, but you know when you don't feel up to doing anything it's hard to even do one thing.
      Everyone has problems and everyone deals with them in a different way. My problems are different than yours and a lot of my problems are due to stress. Not that anyone puts extra pressure on me, I put pressure on myself and sometimes I put more on my plate then I can handle without me knowing I getting to the red mark on the scale of life.
      I enjoy writing my novels and I enjoy working with the characters in my books. They become alive with each page I type. I hope that as people read my novels they can actually picture in their mind what that person looks like and how they act. That's the most important thing to me it the actual visual appearance of the scene and the characters.
      Some people say the appearance of a scene isn't important to them, but knowing what the setting is of any scene I feel is important so the reader knows whether the characters are standing in the rain, or in a room that has been tossed by the unknown assailant.
      I hope that all of my novels give the reader entertainment and you will continue buying my books. I truly enjoy writing them.    

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Cleo the Dolphin

Cleo the Dolphin is a big hit with the kids and the adults. It isn’t surprising to me that many of us love to color no matter how old we are.

            I wrote the story book/coloring book for my great grandchildren and dedicated it to my granddaughter. Everyone loved the small sea creatures in the ocean that all talk to Cleo as she explores her new world in the ocean.

            I had a lot of fun creating the story and working closely with a friend of mine who drew the pictures that can be colored.  Everyone is asking if I’ll do another children’s book. I had a lot of fun writing this one and I just might try to do another.

            Several people have purchased Cleo for nieces, nephew, grandchildren and their children. There is only one problem. The adults are coloring the pictures themselves and not giving it to their intended kids! Now this is a good thing, for they have to buy another to give to the small tots.

            I’m really please that so many have commented on the book and I’m glad they love to color. We’re all kids at heart and coloring brings back happy days in our childhood. So all of you out there that like to color or have small children, well, Christmas is coming.

            Happy coloring to all out there.

            May God Bless.