Friday, April 7, 2017

On a roll!

Thank goodness for Friday's. The week seem to be every hour a new problem and urgent request to fix something. The problem is each problem that came across my desk wasn't simple to fix. Everyone things I just have to wiggle my nose, or snap my fingers to fix the problem!

The problems are all dependent on others to help fix it and they are up to their elbows with other complaints so my complaint get's shuffled off to Buffalo on a slow moving Chinese freighter!

I love my job, honest I do, I just don't like the fact that some weeks always go down the wrong road and I have to direct the traffic back to the right road. I know most of you don't understand what I'm taking about. It's like when you have children and one falls down, they start to cry and you have to fix the boo boo, then before you can get the bandaid on the wound, (small scratch) the other kid is pulling on your shirt crying he wants juice, not later, but NOW!. The pot on the stove is boiling over and you spouse is bring home a guest for dinner.

The living room is a mess filled with toys from the toy box. Now these are large items, but the small ones, building blocks, dolls shoes, crayons, scrapes of paper and only God knows what else. You had everything picked up but for some strange reason everything jumped out of that toy box located in the children's play room and made it's way to the living room.

If only you could wiggle your nose or snap your fingers. Now don't forget you have to dress, put on your makeup and make sure you have a big smile on your face like you just stepped out of a spa!

Well, this is just a sample of how my week was, how about yours?

Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I love working for the wonderful physicians that put their trust in me. I also love the fact I can sit down and write a couple of chapters in my new book, Masson Series number six after a hard day to take my stress out on my characters in the book and they don't hollower back at me.

To all have a good night and may God Bless.
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