Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hopes, Dreams, Disappointment!

How many times have we all dreamed of success, new job, boyfriend, or girlfriend or hoped a letter would come in the mail, hoped for a raise at your job, or even hoped for a better life that what we currently have?

        There were many times I felt I could do something to get a head only to find to my disappointment that I was going one foot forward and ten feet backwards. Like the old saying goes, the harder I try the farther behind I get!

        In my many years of experience and travel I just could never get a handle on my life. I'd try and try to get ahead, move in the direction I thought I was suppose to go only to find out I was in the wrong neighborhood and would have to start all over again.
        Now as a writer I find I can take out my frustrations on my characters in my books. And I'm in control of how bad I want to hurt them or praise them. It helps to keep me going on the path I've chosen and hope that as time goes by I can control my future on a positive note.
       I'm sure there will be other disappoints that will happen, but the severity I now know I can control and make them into happy memories and if one door closes to me I know there is a couple of doors waiting for me to open.
       So in parting with this blog, keep your head held high, a smile on your face, and think of pleasant things to ward of the blues and keep those disappointments from bogging you down.

         May god Bless.
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