Sunday, April 16, 2017


Children are suppose to be a blessing from Heaven. We as parents worry about them long after they have left our homes. Before they are born we as mothers worry that our babies are healthy, have five fingers on each hand, five toes on each foot. It doesn’t matter to us if they have blue eyes or brown eyes. We just want them to be healthy.

As they grow we watch them crawl, than walk. Each time they stumble and fall we pick them up and kiss the boo boos away and set them down to try again. The walking turns into running, we are so proud they have reached all the hurdles to become the little individual with their own personality.

The next step is school, as we walk them into the school house for the first time tears form in our eyes as now they are gone from your minds eye and learning to become friends with others and you’re on the outside looking in. You were their friend, mother, doctor, and teacher.

Next comes the time when they have their first love, who usually breaks their heart and tears fall for their whole world in their eyes is over. Life isn’t worth living anymore and they will never find another boyfriend or girlfriend. You know better but your words fall on deaf ears.

Now their all grown up and living outside your home. Has their own apartment and you worry they aren’t taking care of themselves. You make care packages with food for their freezer so all they have to do is heat them up in the microwave. You plan on surprise visits to see exactly how they are doing and find a mountain high of pizza boxes, empty coke cans and a refrigerator that is bare with maybe a carton of spoiled milk.

Finally, the day comes, they are getting married. They still have no idea of the responsibility that goes with being married and planning their family. Even though you have had the talk with them, they look at you and think to themselves, you must be exaggerating it can’t be that hard, you were married to dad or mom for thirty years.

You still worry about them for it’s hard not to interfere and hold your tongue for you know you are the voice of experience but they have to make their own mistakes for that is how they learn and grow.

Yes children are a blessing, they are also heartbreaking, unreasonable, and the creation we have shaped, taught, cried over, and stood by from the moment of conception till our death. So the next time you look at your child, think of all the things they are to you and be patient with them for I always say the mother curse always works. “one day you’ll see, everything you did to me your child will do to you!”
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